Tidal Long Cast

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For those who rise early and retire late, chasing the stalkers of the surf, you need fishing tackle that you can rely on. For surfcasting anglers, that means a reel that’s built to withstand everything a saltwater fishing environment can throw at it, while remaining lightweight and helping you achieve effortless distance casting. Enter the PENN® Tidal… No stone has been left unturned in PENN®’s mission to create a superb surfcasting reel, including a rigid and lightweight body made from XRC carbon, a durable main gear made from premium metals, and a near impervious sealed drag with HT-100 carbon washers that doesn’t allow a drop of water, dirt, or sand inside. It offers everything you’d expect from a high-quality PENN® surfcasting reel but in a much lighter package, whether you choose the 7000 or 8000 size. The key attribute of this reel is just how easy those powerful and long casts to the horizons will become when using it. Thanks to PENN®’s Slow Leveline technology, the reel can achieve up to 50 wraps of line per single spool oscillation, meaning the line lay is unmatched and the line will launch from the spool with ease cast after cast. The 7+1 sealed ball bearings will stand the test of time in the harsh saltwater spray, while the Quick Drag system allows you to quickly switch between the drag and free spool functions. The reel is supplied with two separate line reducers, which can be attached to the spool to help you use less line on each reel.

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  • Slow Leveline spool design
  • 7+1 sealed ball bearings
  • Rigid and lightweight XRC body
  • Waterproof drag with sealed HT-100 carbon washers
  • Rocket Spool Design for long casting
  • Waterproof, sealed drag system
  • Two sets of line reducers
  • Available in 7000 and 8000 sizes
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